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Open Call for the Frappant programme, Hamburg 2018
Frappant e. V. invites artists and artist groups to submit proposals for exhibitions at the Frappant Gallery Hamburg in 2018.
Frappant Gallery in Hamburg is a well-established creative space for the arts. The gallery has three rooms with a total floor space of 140 square metres and ceilings that are around 4 metres high. We see ourselves as an alternative, left-field, non-commercial White Cube in the middle of a larger, cooperatively organised centre for alternative culture, education, creative industries and social projects; we are located in Hamburg’s Altona district. The gallery is organised by the exhibition team and other members of the Frappant e. V. group, all of whom work as volunteers. We look after the artists exhibiting at our gallery, we take care of public relations, provide technical support, accommodation and we staff the gallery during its opening hours. We are also an established part of Hamburg’s art scene and we maintain close contacts with key art institutions and the media. As things stand at the moment, Frappant’s exhibition programme in 2018 will continue to receive funding from the Ministry of Culture and Media in Hamburg.
1. Who is eligible to apply?
The Frappant Gallery will only consider hosting exhibitions of artists or artist groups who have submitted a written exhibition proposal that has been approved and accepted by the Frappant exhibition team. Applicants should have studied at an art college, in Germany or abroad, or should be able to demonstrate a consistent and qualified body of work.
The deadline is 1 September 2017, and applications are being accepted now.
The application should make reference to one of the programme themes outlined below. The statement must include details of the proposed exhibition concept, the artists who will be involved, examples of work, sample images or links to previous work that can be found online. Please address your email to:
Please ensure that the attached files are no larger than 10 MB.
The decision will be made at the beginning of October 2017 by the Frappant exhibition group. The proposed exhibition programme curated around the artists we have picked will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Media in mid-October with a funding request. The Ministry of Culture and Media is expected to decide in December 2017 how much funding will be provided. Only once we have received this information will we be able to send the selected artists our final acceptance or rejection.
2. General selection criteria:
The exhibition programme at Frappant Gallery comprises all conceivable types of presentation and art experimentation, as well as events that in the narrower or broader sense of the word reference the exhibition programme and current debates in the art world.
We believe that interesting contemporary work achieves the following:
- it shakes up and transgresses boundaries (in any form),
- it uses materials, media and techniques from other cultural and social contexts (science, theatre, literature, manufacturing, media, consumer goods, society) in an original manner,
- it references established paradigms and questions raised in the history of art,
- it responds to social issues and changes with artistic means, and
- it occupies an outside position that is willing to critique and question the art industry.
3. Programme Focuses in 2018:
The programme of Frappant Gallery in 2018 will be setting four thematic focuses. Each of these topics will be engaged with and examined in a dedicated, on-going series of programme events. All statements, artworks and proposals that are submitted should be considered an individual contribution or “research focus” for one of the following thematic focuses, and should clearly reference this thematic focus.
These are the thematic focuses, briefly outlined with keywords:
Debut: An experimental field for young art. This theme is open to young artists who graduated from art college no longer than two years ago.
Time based: Video, media art, performance.
Bridge: An opportunity for international artists to guest in Hamburg. Preference may be given to artists or artist groups from similar collectives in Hamburg’s twin cities, like Dresden, Prague, Marseille.
Concrete: A creative stage for raw, brutalist, wild, “punk” art.
We look forward to your submissions! These are our contact details:
Frappant e.V. Zeiseweg 9
22765 Hamburg


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